Purchasing Belt Based on Right Size and Type

Purchasing Belt
Purchasing Belt

Before purchasing belt, you must know which size is suitable to use. It is especially when you buy it online. You will not able to try it first. It makes most people confused about what are the right sizes to buy even though those are clearly described.

However, if you know a few simple rules, choosing the right belt size is easy and practical. With the right size belt, of course you will be satisfied with that purchase. Furthermore, you will be more confident in wearing it every day.

right belt size
right belt size

Some people often make mistakes in choosing the size of a belt. It is because they purchasing belt based on the waist size of their pants. Remember, the size of the belt is different from the waist size of your pants. Here are some tips for determining the right belt for you.

Understand the System of Measuring a Belt

Before choosing the right belt size, you should know and understand the meaning of the size label on the belt. Usually the belt is measured from the end of the buckle to the middle hole. The length of the belt is stamped on the back of the belt.

When you are purchasing belt, some numbers can be seen there. The examples are like 32, 34, and 36 (US System). The international system will use the size of S, M, and L. Meanwhile, your country may also have the different measurement system.

How if you are not sure enough about your belt’s size? For this case you can measure the length of the belt by placing the belt on a clean and flat surface. After that take the tape in the belt’s whole that you are always use. After that, measure it until the belt’s end.

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One way for men to determine which belt size should be chosen by looking at the size of the pants used. The example sis if your pants size is 34, then you are better for purchasing belt in the size of 36 inches or 110 cm.

Choose a Model and Belt Materials

From the material side, you can choose a genuine leather belt for a formal look. The genuine leather you choose should also be top grain leather or even full grain leather. Avoid the use of processed leather such as suede. It is looked less formal and less elegant.

Model and Belt Materials
Model and Belt Materials

Meanwhile, the top grain leather or full grain leather will be more comfortable to use over time. The top grain leather is easy to care for and if you lose the luster, just polish it back up. It will be looked like a new one quickly.

If it is exposed to water stay dry, just wipe it. The disadvantage of purchasing belt like this is the limited color variation. The most colors which are always found are brown and black. For casual and fashion belts, you buy the canvas and suede belt.

The canvas and suede material has various color variations such as khaki, gray, navy, green, army and many other colors. These colors variations will make you are easier to mix and match it. That is why; purchasing belt like this is also recommended.