Perfect High Heel Shoes for Small and Wide Foot

Perfect High Heel Shoes for Small and Wide Foot
Perfect High Heel Shoes for Small and Wide Foot

You may think that all the high heel shoes are the same. However, some high heels are different. It has the different designs and also shape. Not all deigns and shapes are perfect for your foot. Consider about the shapes of your foot.

Some of you maybe have the small foot. It is not too hard to pick a high heel for this type of foot. In addition, people with wide foot will a little bit difficult to get the right size. However, choosing the wrong high heel will make your foot is not comfortable.

Furthermore, it can make your foot looks weird as well. The worse risk is for sure the injury. That is why; it is crucial to choose a high heel based on the type of your foot. Below are some beneficial tricks to choose the right high heel shoes.

The ‘Sling Back Shoes’ Is Great For Small Foot

Some of you may have a type of foot that tends to be small. Actually, for feet like this there are many perfect choices of suitable high heels. In fact, high heels can make your feet look more balanced and also pleasing to the eye.

Sling Back Shoes
Sling Back Shoes

For high heels, you should choose the type that has accents up to the top of the ankle. Shoes like this will fit and look beautiful on small feet. If it is available, you can buy the high heel shoes with the sling back accent in it.

These high heels are equipped with straps that are usually taller than your ankles. Accents like this will make the legs look ideal or disguise the shape of small feet. If there are any suitable high heels, there are also some which you should avoid.

The examples are like the ankle boots and wedges with thick soles. You should not use this type of high heel shoes. It is because these high heels will make your feet look smaller and sink in its large size. You better note for it.

The High Heels with Pointed Toes are Recommended for the Wide Foot

Apart from small feet, another problem that often makes people confused in choosing high heels is wide feet. If you have feet of this type, just choose a pointed to one. Shoes like this are now very easy to find in various shoe stores; either conventional or online.

If you do not really like the pointy toe shoes, then just choose high heels with the concept of open toe. Shoes like this will make your feet look more ideal and of slim. It is also recommended to not choose the high heel shoes with short heel.

For wide feet, you should avoid some high heels models. The examples are the high heels which too loose or too fitting for your foot size. You can use this concept in choosing other shoe types too. These kinds of shoes will be very torturous especially when going to situs judi poker event.

Choosing the right high heels will really enhance your look. The good thing is that it will make you are comfortable and confident in doing the whole day activity. You can wear the high heel shoes without feel any pain.